The 30 Day ‘If I wrote a ….’ Meme

For time unknown I have been meaning to do a 30 day Meme which will give me a reason to keep writing on a regular basis as well as see a huge spike as far as post counts are concerned.

The point of this meme is simple- I am going to write a series of completely unrelated documents based on mere hypothetical thought. (Somewhat like the ‘Agar main ek police inspector hota’ type essays we wrote as a kid.)

So without further digression, I will get straight to listing 30 things that I will write. In no particular order:-

1. A Cover Letter for my CV

2. A Suicide Note

3. A Love Letter to a girl who you recently found out has hooked up with someone else

4. A letter to my parents from Jail

5. A letter To Shah Rukh Khan

6. Farewell Speech (School)

7. Orientation Speech (If I ran a college)

8. A Dialogue On The End Of The World

10. An interview with myself

11. An introduction to my autobiography

12. A diary entry On the day I quit smoking

13. A letter to my friend who is getting married

14. A diary entry on the day I get married

15. A Speech Of My Soul on my funeral

16. A Page from My Book Of Quotations

17. A Ransom Letter

18. A letter to a girl with an attitude problem

19. A Very Short Poem On Arrogance

20. Password Protected Surprise Inside for Special Readers (Oo. Oo. Oo.)

21. A letter to my brother’s hot girlfriend (Cousin, ok?)

22. A diary on the day when I have a hugely excellent body

23. Note left in my prison after I’ve escaped

24. A diary on the day I’ve won a lottery

25. Preface to my first novel

26. Afterword to my last novel

27. Last Blog Post On This Blog

28. What I’d tell my parents if I suddenly got selected for Hogwarts

29. A diary on the day I see my son/daughter going to school for the first time

30. A speech I’ll give about my life on earth, when I am welcomed in heaven

PS: Everything is subject to change. Change is beautiful, after all. Anyways, that’s it for now. Do leave your good wishes and best of luck’s in the comments section, if you are not actually looking forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll pull this series off on time, and nicely.


14 thoughts on “The 30 Day ‘If I wrote a ….’ Meme

    Looking forward for this challenge. I’m sure you’ll come up with some funky stuff.
    Plus, kudos for coming up with the most bizarre topics.

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