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Dear Mummy,

Apologies for taking so long in writing you a letter. I wanted to write long ago, but couldn’t do it since I had nothing to tell you really. I supposed I and you, would be better off if we decided to ignore each other’s presence in our lives. However, recently I was hit with the news that you have now become a grandmother. I am very pleased to hear it. And congratulations to the new parents.

Now, maybe with a new entrant, you would be able to not think too much about me. That is all I want. Anyways, just so that you know, I am safe and sound. Life in prison can be tough, but thanks to your excellent cooking skills, I am not finding any real problems as far as food is concerned. (Haha.)

I have 3 more years here, and the feeling is just like it was when I first went to college. Somehow, kill the time, and get out. Think about everything else later. I no longer crave for internet or television or any such things. I don’t know how it would feel if I log into Facebook now. Everyone knows I am in jail. And, to them that’s a pretty big deal. I think when I am back, I’ll delete my virtual presence completely. Or work under a pseudonym.

Other than that, I have been writing a book, to kill some time. It’s a beautiful experience and eases the pain of being a prisoner somewhat.

I do miss a lot of things though. Things like having a really long nice soapy bath on a hot summer’s day under a cold shower. But, nothing more. Besides you, I don’t think anyone is waiting for me to be out. The only friends I know are right here. They are the only ones I can talk to right now.

Anyways, my best wishes to the baby’s future.

Yours Loving Son,