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Dear Shah Rukh Khan,

As we grow older, many things lose it’s charm. In my case, as a child brought up in the 90s, the things that have lost their charm are as follows: Cartoon Network, WWE, Cream Biscuits, Ruffles Lays, Filmfare Awards and You.

As a kid, I remember distinctly, my favorite film was Karan Arjun. I saw it in a theatre and when the movie ended, I refused to get up from the seat. Such was the effect achieved. However, when I watched Om Shanti Om, I was very glad that the movie had ended.  But, I do not blame you for it. The thing is when you try very consciously to create an entertainer with a team of people so inferior to you,  you get nothing at all.

That said, there are things I still like about you. Your clear-headedness has inspired me as a kid, since you were one of the only few people whose interviews I watched or read. Your expressions too, have inspired me to develop a very expressive eye and facial muscles. It’s one of those things which got me laughs in class 11th, and that is when I worked really hard to understand the mechanics behind getting them in a blink of a second. The constricting eyes being a major help. I haven’t worked on these things for what seems like a lifetime, but they’ve stayed.

As for your movies, the ones I still don’t mind watching are Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (which is a very heartwarming film, even though poorly crafted), Darr (though a bit over the top, some of your scenes are still soul stirring), DDLJ and K2H2 (I still can’t watch them, without having a good experience. If in bad mood, I don’t watch them.).

Even though, your days have almost passed what you have given to this child who grew up in the 90s is something that will make him defend you for the rest of his life. Even your wrong decisions. Like, I don’t think you should be doing Ra. One. But, then one does things which they regret later in life. You might have had a dream of doing a superhero movie, and would have done it before it was too late. It must have been so much fun, afterall.

I think when I was a kid- the two most popular people in India were Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan. Now, as I am nearing 21 the two biggest people in India are still Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan.

That explains it.


Sameer Jha.