I am not in a mood to write this thing out in beautiful paragraphs, so will use the bullets.

  • I am not very proud of the way, things are turning out in this 30 days meme. However, that said, I don’t think they are that bad either. In fact, I have never seen a 30 days meme being done better. But, how many I have seen- that is the question.
  • Various things are urgently pending now. Especially, getting a shave, having a haircut, and cleaning laundry. I want to go back home and just lie down forever right now.
  • I am having this desire to study something outside of my course right now. I just don’t know what. I get bored quite a bit, and playing pool and XBox too much will only mean digging a financial grave for myself towards the end of the month. Again, this too makes me want to go home and sleep.
Anyways, I think it is time to hit the publish button.