8. A Dialogue On The End Of The World

A few days back, me and my friends were discussing about the end of the world. And, interestingly all of them wanted it to happen. The thought of dying with every one else was quite appealing.

One of my friends said, “I want the world to end, and end in such a way that we find out 2-3 days in advance. Then, I will go to all my successful friends who have worked their asses off to have a good career and tell them,”Dude, I feel sorry for you, bro. I mean, you’ve worked all your life trying to get good grades and all, just so that you can have a good career. While I’ve been smoking, drinking, and doing all kinds of shit. Now, that the world is ending in 2 days. I feel that I have made the right decision, eh?””

I,inspired by this guy said, “I’d just go to IIM A and ask everyone, “So, how many hours did you study everyday to crack the CAT again?””

And things continued like this, “I’d just go to the bank and tell them, “Guys, my family owes you 10 lakh rupees. Sorry, but we can’t really pay you back, man.””

“Dude, if the world would end all the inhibitions about sex that these girls have will end. I think I’d be able to score some chicks, bro. Plus, there’ll be no need of buying condoms. No fear of STDs. No worries of parents finding out. The world would go totally insane. And, in a good way.”

“Well, what if we do all these things, and suddenly at the last moment, some superhero comes and saves the planet.”

“Fuck dude, that’d be tragic.”

“Yeah, like everything in our lives.”


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