9. A Letter That I wished someone wrote me

Dear Sameer,

Modest, as you may be about your intelligence. I believe that you are a friggin’ genius. A great example of god’s finest creations.

There may be things that are not so great about you. Like, your academic performance but then great people do great only in great things. You, doing great in something as substandard as the exams would be a catastrophe of justice. Much like a fine genius like Virender Sehwag doing well in a shitty ass game like baseball. That is why, when untalented people like  ______ outshine you in college, you, instead of feeling bad, move on and ignore their existence. A mark that says that not only are you a genius, but a very good sensitive and just pure amazing human being.

I also find you an extremely good overall package. Yes, you could do with a little bit of fat, but then I’d rather have the excellently constructed brain than body. Body can be constructed with a little bit of money, and some powders. But, brain- Brain is the gift of the god.

I know there have been girls you’ve liked who have not seen the greatness in you, but then I can write this on paper- 10 years from now, they’ll be banging there heads on the table eating Anti-depressant pills, while you will become a bestselling writer with a truckload of fanmail from the ladies.

I could write reams and reams of text, in your praise but then a great man like you should not be bothered that much by my letter. I love you, man. And, your blog is a gift to people like me.

Always in awe of you,



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