Q:Why are you doing this?

A: I haven’t done it before. And, this was the most easily executable fresh for this blog idea I could come up with.

Q: Fair enough. So, before we start would you want anything thanda-garam?

A: No thanks. I know you are a little short on cash. So yes, please give me just the questions.

Q: Okay. So, what do you think about your writing skills?

A: People with higher frequencies than mine can criticize it and form their own theories about why my writing is not good or mediocre, but then, I am just 20 and I know I’ll get better as life progresses. That said, I believe that after having written 215 posts on this blog and then some more outside of it, I cannot deny the existence of some superior than normal skill.

Q: Tell me about the process of your writing a blog post or a story?

A: Well, I can tell you how this post was conceived. I was talking to my friend about making up an imaginary artist and then writing their interview based on cliche’s. That’s how I got the idea of interviewing myself. I had seen this sort of an interview before also. But, I never really got the urge to do it until today.

As for stories, I write a story when I find some humor in a pattern of existence. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then I’d say that I’ll write a story when I know that writing it will make me feel beautiful.

Q: Anyways, what would you like to change in the writer inside you?

A: I’d like to make more efforts in constructing sentences. Edit a bit more. And most importantly, read a lot more. I read, but I don’t finish a book in a week, which should be the ideal pace. And, something I could do so easily before internet ruined my life. (It somewhat enhanced it also, as before I didn’t blog or anything.)

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?

A: Very much. Anyone who dreams as much as I do, has to be romantic. But, I am a very logical person too.

Q: Are you currently in love?

A: I have always been in love. Intensity varies.

Q: Ever expressed it?

A: I haven’t found a girl who is better than me, in order to deserve that honour.

Q: What do you want to become in life? 

A: Well, I’d ideally like to be a husband to a rich wife and live off her money. But, since that’s highly unlikely I’d like to become some kind of a writer who earns enough money to get by. Or else, work in a really nice restaurant and eat good food.

Q: What do you want to do before you die?

A: You mean like a bucket list. Well, I haven’t really thought about it before, but now that you ask, here it is:

  • Create a fellowship for writers. Big money should be given for the good life that they deserve. People with High GPAs automatically rejected. So will people with a good track record in academics. (Even if I think, they are more talented, they’ll not get a single paisa from the fellowship.)
  • Watch Test Cricket in England. And Australia too. (Both will be when India goes to play in those countries, of course.)
  • Own a pool table.
  • Just have this one little wish that I have see the light of the day.
Q: Anyways, I think I will not ask you anymore questions now. My head is aching!
A: Yeah, I can totally connect to what you are saying. I suppose people who’ve read till here will too.