11. An introduction to my autobiography

Whether you find any beauty in this autobiography or not, depends on the experiences (both real life and literary) that you’ve had till now. My main motivation behind writing this was going back in the times, and experience childhood and youth again. And so I did, doing much damage to my otherwise content life.

I spent a major part of my formative writing years thinking that my life was a tragedy. When, in fact all I was doing was finding tragedy and greeting him at places, where I could have just walked past. I don’t regret that at all now. There was a certain beauty attached to it. I am saying all this now itself, so that you don’t go into this book hoping for some inspirational stuff. I am also not using this as a tool to reveal some major controversy. Which I was tempted to do, since that would bring in more sales, but refrained since I didn’t want to go to hell. A thought that worries you when you are my age.

Through the course of this book, I’ll thank many people who have in some ways made an impact on my life. It would be wrong to just take their names, attendance style over here.

Anyways, I hope you find some resemblance to your own life, and feel beautiful and special. That is all.


This post is a part of this series. 


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