13. A letter to my friend who is getting married

Dear _______,

Heard that you are getting married. Disappointing, that the news didn’t come from you. But, then I get it- it all happened in a short time and you didn’t get much time to inform your friends. And, that you were just ABOUT to tell me about it.

I’ve seen her photo on Facebook, and all I got to say is- Good Catch Bro! I hope that you invite me for dinner once you guys move into a house and all.

Anyways, don’t buy her any expensive things and all. I am pretty sure after being your roommate for one year, I can count on you for that. I mean with your sense of humor you don’t need to buy her jewellery in order to see her smiling. It should be her who should adorn you with gifts and worship the intelligence that I have rubbed on to you.

But then, if you suddenly decide to turn into an illogical man, and buy her some shit, then don’t ask me for a loan. But, if you indeed stay in the same intellectual class with which I identify you then rest assured, you can always call me for new points in an argument. We are a good team, afterall.

Also, tell the wife to tell her parents, that I am a man of impeccable taste- so if there is any short change served to us in the name of a wedding reception, then I will make sure that all the hostellers create an outrage. You know how good we are at it.

Cheers, and good luck

Your Loving Friend



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