14. A diary entry on the day I get married

Today, is a very important day of my life. I am done with all my rituals and all, and now officially and socially I am a married man. I have to do a lot of other things than write this diary, but then I am incredibly nervous as of now, and my ability to think straight seems to have disappeared by being involved in a grandiose event as big as this. How my heart burns at the fact, that all this money could be used to buy a hell lot of cool things for my house. Pool table, for example. But, then I am getting married for the first and last time in my life, so might as well see some money blowup in fire.

My wife is all excited and all, but also conscious as hell. The whole time I was analyzing the fluctuations in her behavior. I hope that after I am done with this diary, I see her in a good mood. You know, the thing that is making me nervous is that she should not lose her charm, now that we get married. I have been waiting for this, in order to make our love unrestricted but then it was sort of like the wait I had for vacations to start during our exams. When, the vacations started problems like ‘time running out’ didn’t exist in order to heighten my romance with the television.

But yes, of course this is marriage. Nothing like television which is an inanimate object. The romance here is of a different kind. It must not fade with marriage. I wrote about it, just to jinx the bad luck.

My friends came, and were continously cracking jokes. Bloody morons. I am now just waiting for their marriage so that I can take revenge. I already have a few jokes up my sleeve which I will use at an appropriate time.

Anyways, enough now. I have just received a ‘Where are you?’ type of message, so need to go. Fast.



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