15. My soul’s speech on my funeral

funeralEver since I came to know that people die, I was constantly curious about what happens to their existence after that. Do they go into a permanent black sleep? Or is there any other form which they assume? Now, that I myself am dead, at least this mystery has solved itself. I can’t really do anything right now, like evil ghosts but yes since I have no form, I can see whatever I want to see. I am very saddened by the fact that I can no longer exist, but this experience too is enlightening and new.

This is the second death in my family, and my mother can neither eat nor speak. I would not really blame her for anything she does now. My brother too cries at night, thinking about the kind of relationship we had. He sees our history together just the way I see it- cold and indifferent. People are telling him to console my mother, but poor boy, he too is severely jolted by this and language does not have enough scope to encapsulate his mind. His mind itself cannot understand what is going on, really.

My friends are also affected enough to write tributes to me on Facebook. One guy has even uploaded a video on YouTube where he has compiled all my pictures and put some background music to it. Another one, has taken the initiative to pool in some money and get my book published properly. Bless his soul!

My blog is getting a swarm of hits and comments. But since no one but me could approve the comments, none of it is seeing the light of the day. My college observed a two minutes silence. And, the local newspaper carried a small paragraph about the brutal way in which I died.

I could not complete the full circle of human life. Never knew what middle-age felt like. Never experienced the sweet comfort of having children. Nothing at all. But, all this is liberating in a way. Me saying this is a testament to the fact, that death is just another experience of life. It is not the end of time, for a soul. I hope to see many old people now. And make friends with a few young ones. Dying young, is such a beautiful thing to bond on.

Things like eating, and peeing are now no longer a cause of worry. No bodily problems. Only the enrichment of the soul and going through a process which involves being one with nature. That is all.


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