You can chose to show this letter to the police, but I will recommend that you do not. I am a smart criminal after all. I have taken every measure to make sure that this letter has enough false leads to engage the police for 20 days at least. Enough time for me to take care of your daughter.

I am not a regular kidnapper, and have no associations with the mafia or anything. I am just doing this because I need money, urgent.  I am aware that this is not the right way, and karma will bite me in the ass sometime later, but I have no choice really. If in future, I get some money, I’ll return it to you.

But now, your daughter is under my custody, and I haven’t yet started to show her any disrespect. But, then if the money does not reach me as specified at the back of this letter, then I am also under pressure to perform. I know you have a lot of money, and this won’t make a difference to you. But, you are scared of being known as a soft target.

All that doesn’t bother me though. I am confident of beating the police. And even more confident of beating your daughter, just in case you know.

I urge you to give this money with the attitude of charity, and I am taking it in the spirit of a loan. I’ll not scam you, and your daughter will reach you in an hour’s duration of the payment being received.

God is Great.


This is not an actual ransom letter, but a part of this series.