Dear _______,

I am not some lame guy who’d accuse you of having an attitude problem, for merely being snooty and unsocial. That’s okay. There are times when one does not take part in conversations they cannot connect to, (and have an angry silent look) in order to protect their self image. I do that, too.

Kind of attractive also.

But then, what is attractive in you now might turn unattractive, but still very much required later. And, just when things are going down and my mind is beginning to recover from the void that your loss has created, you suddenly turn attractive and nice again. (I sometimes hate myself for falling for this romanticism, but then what else can I do in life, really? So, it’s all cool. At least, timepass toh ho jaata hai, painful hi sahi.)

Do what you want. I am currently going through that phase where all your actions seem logical and I can’t really think selfishly at this point of time like musicians and all because that’s not good karma according to my art of living theory.

Take care.


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