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Yes, I have been updating this place a lot these days. But, then writing a post out of the whole meme thing feels very liberating.

On the personal front, I am highly bored these days. The length of each day seems long. And, even the nights seem long. I find happiness in small bursts, but I feel that it is highly disproportionate to the kind of dreariness I endure.

Here are a few updates that I would like to make here-

  • Less than 50 days for me to leave Manipal. I am not saying there are 15 days to go back home, because there is a possibility that I might not go back home. I’ll probably go to Delhi from here, and then to Bihar. Actually, my youngest first cousin from the maternal side is about to be born. I have no clue whether it’d be a son or a daughter. Brothers are fun to rag and all. As for my sisters, there have been two that are of the same generation as me. One was more like a friend, since we went to the same school and the other one is pretty scared of me. I remember once hiding her doll or something, and taking joy in seeing her feel angry and all. I have also consciously favored the brother, because he is not that good in studies while the sister is. Whenever, I go- I always bring chocolates for the brother and ignore the sister. My mom gets pissed at this, and sends someone to get a chocolate for the sister too. Totally ruining my plans of making the studious sister feel bad. But, this time I go the kids will have grown up. And, chocolates won’t be that big a deal.
    • So, I have a plan. A foolproof intelligent one to make at least for two weeks, the brother’s life good and the sister’s life strife with jealousy. Problem is that the sister might fight back. And might use the emotional angle of being a daughter and all to our parents and grandparents. I want that to happen, so that I can inspire my brother to rebel and create tantrums. Basically, make him a cooler human being. Like a good brother should do. Also, just for clarification, this has nothing to do with me being sexist or anything. It’s just that between the battle of a good student and a bad one, I’ll forever take the side of a bad one. The kid needs some encouragement and fire in life.
  • This meme has been harder than I expected it to be. Getting to the next number, can be so very stressful sometimes. But, it’s okay. My main motive behind doing this was to go through that stress and come out with greater creative stamina.
  • My house now has a television. It is mighty convenient in the sense that we can now watch football matches in 29′.’ I so wish that the England Test Series was going on now. Would have been perfect.

Anyways, that’s it for now. (My mood completely lightened up writing about that whole first cousin angle.) Until, next time this is Sameer Jha for Narratively Yours signing off from Manipal.

PS: I am NOT a blogging addict. Please pardon the continuous posting.