Dear _______,

My brother has given me the task of writing you this letter, because we have been best buddies since childhood and hardly anyone knows him as intricately as I do. And also since, you two are getting married he has this strange desire to give you letters about his brilliance from people who have known him longer than you have.

Well, you see me and your husband to be are the smartest people I know on this planet. (He has got to be smart, for he managed to persuade you to be his wife.) And, yes being smart comes with its own set of problems. Problems that have till now been suppressed  from your view because he is smart.

You see smart people like challenges. And, you won’t be a challenge for him once the two of you get married. He’d still be nice to you and all, but that will only be out of pity and his considerate manner. Nothing he’ll do will be out of a deep loving desire to gain the approval of the other person.

Anyways, I hope you do not make anything of this. Just my analysis. You need to remember how big a blow it would be to my ego if he manages to have a girlfriend like you by his side, when I don’t have one.

If you need to talk more, contact me on Facebook. I’ve already sent you a friend request, and I am always online.

Best Wishes,