Some date

After a little under two decades of being underweight, I have finally managed to look at myself in the mirror and feel physically superior to most people around me. I always felt intellectually a bit superior for the various workouts that my gifted mind endured through the various years of my existence. Pardon, the pompousness.

Interestingly, the thing that inspired me to do this, was when I watched a completely asexual character like Sherlock Holmes have a pretty sound physique. My previous attempts at building a body (when I was in school) were to be physically attractive to women (pretty embarrassing stuff, I know) and also to never feel inferior in a fight, if the need arises.

Later in college, I realized that no one picked a fight with me for the very reason that they feared I’ll be injured grievously. So, it was an advantage. Also, the fact that you have to eat and drink less in order to achieve maximum level of satisfaction, saved a lot of money. (This is not the case with every thin guy, though.)

I can now walk into a room with a stylish shirt and carry that expression of refinement with much more panache. Confidence comes from within. I once had this quote to describe myself: My only weakness is, that I am not strong.

Now, that I have to no longer feel restrained by this shit, I can go back to taking my mind to another level. Afterall, every body has a saturation point in terms of growth. No mind has any such restrictions.

Hoping for a good day, tomorrow. I hope Chelsea win, and I can crack this bit of logic that has been bothering me for the last few days.