I am actually feeling scared having been unable to wipe that smile for the past few hours. I know that if I feel extremely happy now and start behaving like the king of the world, fate will interrupt and throw me back on the ground. And, at least this time- when I am flying so high, I don’t want to fall down. Therefore, I am acting all normal and all, even a bit tensed so as to jinx the bad luck that such a success usually brings in my life.

Besides that, I have already shared my wealth with a lot of people. I don’t really want them to feel jealous. I would have cried, ‘Fucking unfair!’ had one of my family won a lottery and I don’t want them to feel the same way.

I have also decided to get my book published. And give it away to a number of people for free. No selling shit. You see, there are more chances of getting a good review if I didn’t force people to buy it. Sounds desperate, but c’mon if I am rich enough to sponsor myself, what is wrong with it.

Other than that, I’ll also give some to charity. It feels heartless, to not give any when you get so much at one go.

Anyways, that’s just some of the ideas that are coming to my mind. Usually, I think about things that I can avoid buying- but now, thinking about things that I can buy, is refreshing.

Now, I have to go- I have invited my friends for a party. They must be gearing up to drink as much expensive liquor as their bodies can hold. I, on the other hand am preparing mentally for what will happen after that. Yeah!