Dreams On Spec is a documentary which follows the journey of three screenwriters based in USA. A country where tens and thousands of scripts get written every year, out of which only 400 make it to the very end. 

The thing about this movie was that none of the three struggling writers looked really good. But, still watching their confidence rise and break over the period of the movie was well worth the toll on bandwidth that streaming it must have taken. Watching other writers printout their final drafts, listen to criticism, talk about quitting and all, give little treats for little successes-all of it was so endearing to see shown as it is in other people’s lives.

It also kept reminding me as to how I have a very different attitude towards the whole writing scene, compared to most other writers. As of now, I am at a very ideal peaceful state as a writer. ‘Do your work, and not worry about its fruits’ state. It’s not an easy state to achieve, but I have been sort of helped by circumstances and logic. I am seeing everything as an exercise and the task is solely to gain as much artistic wealth as possible. Whether something materializes out of this, I don’t know. I’d feel pukish if I wrote a novel and have to wait for the folks at Penguin or whatever the fuck to tell me whether they are going to publish it or not. Not because my book is the greatest ever, or because I disrespect the selection process but because I have this belief that I would rather let my objectivity skills find out the faults in my work, than let someone I don’t respect do it. Yes, I am very arrogant like that. Was not like this when I first started. Will change maybe, when I get desperate again.

One of the already established writer said in the movie, that writers are exceptionally brave human beings. For once they get rejected on their best effort- they feel bad and all, but somehow in this misery they find some scope for improvement and they are back the next day- writing.

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