It would be a sin for Rishi if he stayed awake for any longer. Tomorrow, was his first day in office and he couldn’t risk his job by not going on time. God only knows the kind of distress his family went through, when he was unemployed.

But then, the kind of creative ambition that he could see coming to fruit in the hours ahead of him,  kept him awake.

“ After all, the goddess of wisdom reveals her radiance only once in 24 hours. If one is not there to catch it, then the person  is missing out on an opportunity- which can make is existence beautiful.

What good is the refinement? If I cannot keep my immediate family, free of a stressful existence.

But, there is a role I have to play in a society, and to reach that goal I have to battle through perfectly logical and sane obstructions. I can’t afford to be one amongst those, who stop when they see such obstructions.

Do you understand the realistic implications of what will happen if you chose to embrace your so called radiance of the goddess, herself?”

After much internal turmoil, Rishi chose between sleeping and not sleeping that night. And that made all the difference.