If I didn’t have any college to attend, friends to meet, and an internet connection to use- I am pretty sure I’d be able to knock down a 50K novel in a matter of 6 months.

For the last few days, it was something like that. I lost my laptop’s charger, and felt as if I had lost a limb. So, for time pass purposes- I thought of writing a novel. And thanks to acute depression, I didn’t have much trouble coming up with a decent idea for it. Doubts still remain whether it will be good or not, and whether I’d develop enough courage to show it to anybody or not, but yes, I think I’ll write it. If not for anything but to once again delve into the chimerical, depressing and many a times frustrating chase for perfection. But, first  some meditation in order to clear the mind of thoughts that stifle creativity is required. And yes, buy a notebook. (Thirty rupees they cost nowadays. And, I can’t write in a notebook without wasting truckloads of pages.)

That said, there are exactly 7 days left for me to turn 21. And 21 days left for me to go back home.