An hour or three, after writing this post, I’ll make an attempt at writing my first novel. I have tried it once before (when my knowledge of all things literary was highly delusional), and stopped short at around 10,000 words. This time, the aim is at least 60,000. But, if my need to express it is satiated in 25K- then so be it. Publishing standards, be damned.

Anyway, in this post I’ll be highlighting some of the basic issues that I have addressed before starting work. (This, like the preproduction work of a film- should be clear to me before I start working. Ideally, not necessarily.

1.) Title

I have decided, (after much internal debate over whether it’ll sound corny or not) to call it- “How Many Times Will I Come Of Age?”.

Remember, grabbing eyeballs was one of the reasons for its choice. Secondly, I find that the title is basically a rehash of the famous Socrates quote- “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

While, Socrates has idealized wisdom, and inspired others to  be wise, (Rightly so) I have decided to highlight the frustration of realizing that you were naive all along. This, I like from a popular POV, because most people think they are wise.

At the end, if I saw this title at a bookstore, I’d pick up the book and read the pages in order to make a judgment.

Plus, it’s subject to change.

2.) Narrative-

In order to facilitate my writing- and your comprehension of the full image- this novel will be written in both first and third person. It is slightly experimental. And should feel fresh to me, as well as the readers.

Again, I am not trying to be different, I just think it’d be more logical if I did like that.

3.)  Plot-

Very difficult, to have a plot before the first draft. I am not good with plotting, anyway. However, sequence and logical coherence are of utmost importance, and disobeying that will not be cool. (There are a lot of directors who do it, Tarantino for eg., but I do not respect them for that. It’s always easier to not have a sequence to your expression, than have one.)

4.) The End

Cannot reveal much here. But, it is there in place. For me, that is extremely vital since an unfinished novel will be very painful.

So yeah, that’s it. The canvas is ready. The colors are right here. The room needs a slightly better atmosphere for the brush strokes to begin. But, I’ll ignore that shortcoming. And begin.

Jai Ganesh.