For a moment there, Lekhchand was confused as to how he could feel like smiling in such a situation. Because, after an year and half, he felt that he finally had a valid enough reason to cry at his fate.

“Which aspect of my life is going right for me, at this moment?”, Lekhchand asked himself, for amusement puposes.

“Nothing at all, son. Your health has just recovered from a serious beating caused by months of irregular food and sleep patterns. Your career seems bleak since, regardless of how intelligent you might consider yourself, on paper- you are your class’ most unemployable guy. And as for having a companion, in such dire straits, let me tell you young man, your chances are as bright as any of the 50 bodies in your local graveyard.”

“Pretty good. It is a talent to be able to put oneself in this position.”, Lekhchand amused himself with that mental response.

All of this, would bother Lekhchand some other night. Tonight, the moment was his. Everything was new. Recovery from sickness, had given him the power to feel fresh existing in his normal way.

Thinking over what he’ll be doing to fix the major issues of his life, would have to wait till tomorrow. Not often, afterall does one get to kiss the night air and enjoy it.


To be continued. If all goes well, there’ll be 100 more of such small episodes.