I am making this post, because my numerical achievement obsessed mind cannot bear to see Post No. 250 Titled as something other than “250th Post!”.

Congratulations aside, I really want you all to read this current series of blog posts I am doing. It is not the final version, since I am going edit it (Yes, me editing) if I ever get to finish it. For now, Encouragement for the tough battle ahead is all I need. (I do not get encouraged by best of luckses as much as I will if I find out that you have actually read that stuff. Your liking/disliking doesn’t matter, but opinion is always encouraging.)

Anyways, may this blog have many more posts to it.

As for now, the obligation to make this post is over. I have to go and think about post no. 251 now.

So, Goodbye. Sleep tight. Eat right. And, as for life, take it light.