Dear God,

I have finally figured out your ways. I can now safely predict my future, without much irregularities in the outcome.

Here, I will tell you 5 things that I will NOT do in 2012. I hereby challenge you, to make me do it. Because, I just won’t.

1.) Gain Weight:

Yeah, I am now starting to be the least bothered about my physique. As it is, I am not going to find any girl due to my demanding nature, and who needs muscles to do mentally excruciating work. Why take the trouble, this year also and see it end in heartbreak.

2.) Get Committed

Jo mujhe chahiye, usko main nahi chahiye. Jisko main chahiye, woh kisko chahiye. Also, owing to my exceptionally unique nature it is tough for anyone from the opposite sex to be able to provide the perfect companionship I so need right now. Yes, there must be someone existing, but what are the probabilities of us meeting. Bleak. Why again, then should I look at this year also with hope.

3.) Write My Novel

The insecure dude I am, I can hardly match my ambitions with my skills. Even, if I match it for a while, the illusion is bound to break.

4.) Quit Smoking

This is SO not going to happen. I want the world to end. But, I do not want to commit suicide. Smoking till I get cancer, is my only hope. You see like I saw somewhere on the internet, anyone can quit smoking, It takes a man to face Cancer.

5.) Stop being miserable at times

Well, very few people can be as miserable as I can get at times. You see, this is where my talent lies. Why disregard it’s beauty by trying to be cheerful and upbeat.

Yes, so there goes my list. Goodbye, for now.