I absolutely hate false starts. I am not a very hardworking human, and when some of my hard work goes to waste, I get depressed very easily. Anyway, something new has been thought of- and hopefully, I’ll not have to scrap off my work.

Also, I am having this urge to write outside these days (never done it because it’ll feel weird if passersby see me writing), but indoor environment is very distracting. Unless, it is night. And, I can’t afford nightwriting a lot from now onwards, since that fucks up almost everything except my writing.

Internet is such a big distraction. I think I’ll develop a policy of not using the internet until I write something concrete. But, it’s tough. (I have been addicted for around 5 years now. :P)

Other than that, I am waiting for my return to Manipal, since the mundane life here, is getting on my nerves.