It has been a long time since somebody has prompted me to say ‘Thank You!’. Last, I remember was on my birthday. I had never thought about it, until today when a friend of mine, complimented another friend of mine about how good his work was. Not the first time, I saw someone being admired, today I cared enough to develop a hunger for being passionate about something. Problem is, I am not very talented. Nor do I feel anything other than a fleeting urge to make films myself or be an actor. Or anything of that sort. The only thing I can’t even aspire to do is create music, since I cannot sing well or play any instrument. I am an accounts guy, by profession but do not really consider myself to be someone with an above average aptitude for it.

Most times, I am not even bothered by this. Smoking and drinking with friends, watching sports, being in the middle of some debate or gossip, reminiscing about past memories, and fantasizing about new ones are my only activities. I had considered Photography for a while, but looking at the amount of people that are in it right now, I refrained.

It’s not like I need to be an artist or anything. I will eventually get a job, and marry, and have kids. I’ll be occupied. But at least, I should be passionate about something other than a random TV show, or a whiskey brand. Some kind of a special skill-set. Or a heightened expertise in something more than the art of chatting with five people simultaneously, or the art of preparing imaginative bills in order to extract more money out of your parents. Something, that people associate you with. Even if it’s a niche skill like skateboarding. Or Typography.

But, I don’t know anything of that sort, I feel passionate about. But, I want to.


I have written this as the subject for a flash based animation that I’ll be making this semester. I usually don’t bother myself with such topics, but since it was a flash based thing, I decided to do something inspirational in an understated manner. It may not be good, but it’d do for assignment purposes. Sharing it, for the post count and the small possibility of someone finding worth in this.