My main agenda in this month, was to take care of the attendance, and then take care of everything else. With two working days left, that has been taken care of. Now, the agenda for February is finance, along with maintaining a hold on the attendance.

As for my writing pursuits, I have not been ignoring it. Almost every alternate day, I’ve been writing a journal and some fiction for my novel. I will be finishing my fourth chapter right after finishing this post. It has been a more demanding and agonizing experience than writing short stories, for me. I have wanted to publish a couple of chapters online, but don’t want to break the rhythm or jinx it by doing so.

My reading too has been adequate, though way short of the goal I had in mind. But then, I blame it on the general Manipal atmosphere which allows you very little time on your own. (I sometimes wish being a complete social outcast here and concentrate on passionate things, like my previous college but then at other times, and most times, I tell myself to experience this college life as much as possible, because once I am done with it, I would like to have memories. To be included in further fictional settings if nothing else.)

Here’s hoping for a good February. (As mentioned earlier, I desperately need a good year in 2012.)