Whenever I think about style, and try to explain it- the easiest analogy that comes to my mind is that of a sportsperson. Take a cricket batsman, for example. A batsman is said to be very high in terms of style, if he can hit a shot that is usually not hit when that kind of a ball is bowled.

However, style in any form of expression cannot be as easily explained. Yes, you can say that it is the uniqueness of their art, and a lot like personal handwriting. But, it is tough to do it in a way, that it totally answers the confused artist’s dilemma. To me, as a writer, I have thought of style as the best possible way to do things based on my strengths along with my theory of what a story should be like. I have always believed in writing about ordinary people, and have a strong desire to glorify failures. Since, I find expressing myself through such stories the most enjoyable.

Other than that, I think a lot of style is gained by developing one’s thought. Sense of truth, as I’d call it.

Style is about finding a way of thinking to make your life good. If this way, is original and something that you’ve built on your own through experiences and not by following the wise words of self help books then you will most definitely have a good voice/style since it’ll be such a beautiful concoction of your past experiences and your own self comprising of everything from your looks, to the financial condition of your family.