In the order of preference:
  1.  Develop your taste as far as possible in Literature and Cinema. Use Music only for relaxation, not to seek enrichment.
  2.  Write, read as much as possible. So that one day when you wake up and realize that  you lack depth, and your words evoke no emotion at all, you’ll at least have the reassurance of having worked hard for it.
  3.  Be kind to the people who have suffered. (Everyone suffers.) Channelize your ruder energies, towards people who want to make you suffer. Or your mother.
  4.  Never ever feel too insulted if you do not meet the basic requirements that your friends and family expect from you. What they expect from you, is so much less glorious than what you expect from yourself. However, disappointing them for no other reason other than to just rebel, is also not good for you. Disappoint, if you must.
  5.  Feel guilty for having fun, for days. Or slacking off without productivity of thought. Consider yourself, too good to be a hedonist.
  6.  Keep Romance alive in your heart. Not just for the opposite sex, but for experiences. Like getting wet in the rain, or running for long distances to get rid of emotional strain, dancing when nobody is watching, whistling while walking, etc. (These are cliche’s, yes, but do not try to be different for the sake of it.)
  7.  Edit this Manifesto, once every 6 months. And yes, have empathy for people holding opposite views.