If semesters were like seasons of a TV show, this would be the one with the lowest ratings. Which is to say, nothing much happened or changed. I am glad it didn’t, because in my life drama is mostly related to me pulling myself deeper into trouble.

It has been raining in regular intervals in Manipal. I am usually very platonic towards the arrival of a season, but this time (probably because of the self inflicted slow pace of my life) my appreciation for things like weather has grown manifold. Earlier, the most important thing about Monsoon was the water. Now, it is the olfactory experience. Dark clouds made me run home quickly at one point. Now, I feel that if ever there’s a weather perfect for walking, it is then.

Other than that, this season (the whole semester, in fact) has also been perfect for discovering films. Never has there been a phase in my life, where I’ve watched so many brilliant films over a period of a few months. Reading, has not been bad, and I am sure that with the waning love for the internet,  it will improve.

As for my novel, it is coming along slowly. But, I hope to pick up pace once I reach home. This time round, I will not let my mother interfere with my work (or cause pandemonium in the house) due to petty issues like smoking. “A man full of virtues, deserves a vice.”, as they say.