At the start of the previous semester, I had promised not to pay too much attention to anything except attendance or assignments. Such was the desperation demanded from whatever academic responsibilities I had. (They are very little in a general sense, but to me they are huge.)

Now, that the danger has passed, I can once again commit myself to regaining the quantitative flow that I once had. (This time with better quality.)

Otherwise, life has been good in aspects that are out of my control.

  • I have been lucky enough to wake up in time for all of my exams.
  • Chelsea have won the Champions League, and even though I have stopped investing myself in sports, their story has been inspiring purely on a dramatic level. Of all the tournaments that I have seen in my life, none have had such a strong influence of destiny.
  • And yes, today morning I was greeted with the news of KKR winning the IPL. It was especially good to see SRK, a man who has given me so much happiness as a kid, so truly pumped. There are artists you like, artists you respect and artists you admire. Shah Rukh, even with his poor filmography and outrageous thoughts on cinema, is still someone I can’t help but like.

Anyways, that’s it for now. This post, was just to get my feet in the mud. The thrill of the sprint is still to begin.