There was a point of time, not long ago, when I tried to avoid consuming bad or middle grade art even though I enjoyed some of it. I thought that consuming only the best will lead to a better development, and make my senses sharper. While consuming the lame, will have a dulling effect.

Now though, I have mastered the art of enjoying everything that elicits a response without the guilt.

In the process of consuming a work, I notice whether I am enjoying it, respecting it and admiring it, using my mental sense of smell. Using this data, I decide where to put that work/artist in ‘my liked artists’ pyramid.

I pay attention (things like how it must have been created, what is the intention of the book, etc.) to only the ones in the top 1/3rd. And, I not only try to be influenced by the way they approach their work, but also their life. Only by emulating their existence and not just their work, can I hope to improve. Most of these great ones do not differ from each other, but yet, there is no one who can fill the void that they leave.

As for the lower 1/3rd of the pyramid, it is important to listen to and feel what kind of an experience the common mass is getting from art. (It also helps in avoiding cliches and developing a sense of what bad art feels like.)

So yes, such a mentality even though can be called undesirable for a lot of people (some people actually admire you for it), it is the right mentality for me.