Regular readers (Haha) of this blog will understand what this is all about. They will also understand how much a ticking post count warms the cockles of my heart. (Also, I needed a break after having completed (almost) the first draft of my novel. Hopefully, the skills I’ll develop by completing this project will help me rewrite it in a better manner.)

1. Fever

2. On getting an year back

3. The Merchants Of Enhancement

4. Is she really going abroad?

5. A Writer When Admired.

6. Playing it cold

7. Cynophobia

8. Roommate

9. First day of Commerce

10. Friday Night Blues

11. Disagreements on Health

12. Funeral of an Uncle

13. The initiation of a junkie

14. Road Trip

15. A Romance short-lived

16. Learning to cycle

17. Supporting a team in a final

18. Considering Infidelity

19. Her Birthday

20. Rolling in the deep

21. Rewriting a novel

22. Pilgrimage

23. Charity

24. Questioning an artist

25. Comforting night

26. Sending a manuscript

27. Making it to the team

28. Loneliness

29. Awake in the dark

30. Rounding up a 30 day project

The topics are tentative, and I will change them as often as I please. Also, I may complete this by the end of 2013, but I will complete it.