“If she goes abroad, and one day suddenly calls me, and says that she likes this NRI guy, then what can I do?”

“Then, what can you do? In this fear, you cannot allow her to compromise with her career.”

“Career is everything or what? And, it is not like one has to go abroad to make their career. There are so many good colleges in India.”

“Why are you so scared that she will leave you once she goes abroad. If she experiences a new country then that will enhance her personality too. Right now also , she is not in the same city. 2 years you talk to her on the phone or online. ”

“India, and abroad, there is a difference no. Timings are different, and overall it becomes such a challenge to maintain a relationship.”

“But, ultimately it’s her choice. And, besides you are not her father or something. What gives you a right to stop her?”

“If it’s her choice then, she should now only say that she wants to end this relationship.”

“Arey psst, you are not understanding. Why would she say such a thing? She wants to continue this relationship. You should be supporting her and wishing her all the best.”

“All the best and all, I cannot give. If she goes, then I will only leave her. I told her this.”

“You are a mad human being. Firstly, she must already have the tension of clearing the exams required to get there. Then, she must decide which college should she choose, so as to have the best possible experience. On top of that, you are saying such things to make her even more miserable.”

“Her tension is tension. My tension is nothing.”

“Haha. Why are you getting tensed? What can you do? I am telling you, you wait till she clears her exam. You will now sever relations and later find out she didn’t go there only, then it will be a tragedy.”

“Once it is too late, I’ll not be able to stop her. Now at least I can try.”

“Has she already joined the classes?”

“No, she has not. Next month onwards, she’ll join, she said.”

“You should recommend a very poor coaching class to her, which makes her lose interest in the whole thing, and ultimately it leads to her failing the exam.”

“Now, on which planet do I find this poor coaching class?

“Haha. Tell her something discouraging, like life is not good for all Indians in America. Some Indian students have been known to commit suicide there. I don’t know if students have committed suicide, but you tell. And besides, for our need why should we take the help of another country. Patriotism is also something important. Americans are somewhere right, when they abuse these Indians for infiltrating their country. English people don’t have the right, but Americans do have a valid point. It is us, who are greedy, and want to earn a lot of money so we go there. Biharis, coming to other states is still justified, because in their state they don’t have jobs or food. These rich Indians going there, to improve their lifestyle is something wrong on an ethical level. Tell her all this, and see what arguments she gives.”

“Exactly. Do you have a cigarette?”

“The last 2 remaining. We’ll go outside after this, and buy.”