For most of the past month, whenever a friend would ask me (online or in person) about how my life is progressing, my answer would range from ‘same as usual’,’eating, sleeping, smoking, reading, writing, surfing, and if time permits,talking’ to ‘very much like my stories, my life too does not have a plot’, depending upon my degree of eagerness to carry forward a conversation.

Now, though as the month comes to an end, I am eager to enlist the things that I have been doing in chronological order. (Truth is, I am missing the experience of writing about my personal life)

  • I started the month, viewing a lot of videos by Osho. His talks generally revolve around, how everything that the society is doing is stupid. He says that marriage is the root cause for all the neurosis that exists in the world. And, that psychedelic drugs should be made available in hospitals. Some of my favorites from his collection are (I really think you should watch all of them): Marriage and Children, Absolutely Free To Be Funny and Making Love is A Sacred Experience. (The last video, if I had my way would be made compulsory viewing for the entire society. Barring children, who wouldn’t understand.)
  • The next thing that comes to my mind was watching two seasons of Game Of Thrones, in two days. 20 hours out of 48, makes it quite an experience. Here is a quote from the show, that I especially liked and according to me captures the essence of it. “How am I? I’ve had to arrest my mother. The Lannisters have my sisters. The man I considered my closest friend has seized my home and brothers. I’m fighting a war and I don’t know if I should march south or north.” -Robb Stark, Game of Thrones
  • Another thing that has kept me busy these days, is my 30 day fiction project. The 6 stories in there hasn’t managed to find much of an audience, but still I think I have grown as a writer having written them in quick succession. (I am also proud of them.)

Lastly, I think I have read some great literature this month, and will write book reviews more often from now. The one that I wrote, I posted on Twitter, and mentioned the writer himself. His reply, didn’t just make my day but my week.

Anyway, that is it for now. Until next time. (I am actually in extreme pressure from my mother to sleep so have to rush this. Internship starts tomorrow at a PR firm called Edelman, and I have to wake up at 6. It’s 12 now. Would be tragic if I am late on my first day at the office.)