I have been meaning to write this post for a long time now. In fact, I was convinced that I’d write one the day after my internship got over, and express what all experiences I went through. Yet, there were so many things to express, and every time I found myself in a mental space to do justice to my experience, I could not find a computer with internet to do so.

Life has been kind, for the last few weeks I have been in Manipal. It is the same as last year on many levels, the same financial concerns, the same ‘where to eat?’ question troubling us at least 2 times in a day, the same incessant spending on tea and cigarettes, the same anxiety driven nights where sleep is hard to find. Yet, I have found my perceptions to become sharper, subtler hints are caught even if they are not targeted at me. While, last year I would be too lost in my own thoughts to pay attention to people in social environments, I am now alert and observant. My friends too, have undergone massive changes, and more often than not, they have been positive.

The subjects that I have for this semester, are not pleasant. They are more demanding than previous semesters, but having gone through the rigours of an intensive internship, almost everything feels manageable. One of the subjects is Political Science which I am studying for the first time, and it is a subject that I find unpleasant, not difficult. My main idea is to pass the paers without developing a political ideology of my own, which seems to be the teacher’s (she is good) motive.

Other than that, I am hoping to resume work on 30 Day Fiction Project as soon as the internet connection is resumed in my house. That is it for now, hopefully an year from now, when I make a similar ‘update-kind’ post I’d have crossed the necessary obligation of being a graduate.