This has been such a long month, that it feels as if all the months that came before it, time just seemed to slip by. It is much like coming back to a book and being amazed by how much you’d missed in the first reading. Only this time, it is with life. And, that is why this month has dragged on so slowly. (This is just the impression that I have of it now. Tomorrow, if you may ask me, I could say- “August has just slipped by without me doing any work.”)

Even though the month comes with the present of a better perceived reality, this new thing has thrown me slightly offguard. I might be committing the same errors before also, but they were not disconcerting, because I never saw them as errors.

As for this blog’s future, I am more than keen to resume The 30 Day Fiction Project. I am apprehensive about the adverse effect it might have on my academics- the project is moderately ambitious and I am extremely lazy. Yet, graceful sacrifices (such as this) have a way of paying long term dividends.