Looking back at the previous month, I am beginning to realize that my whining tendencies have increased at a pace that should raise a few eyebrows. (Mine have been raised, at least.) Be it for my ‘once again’ dwindling attendance, the rising pile of bills to be paid and assignments to be done, blog posts that I am never able to finish because of an internal choke, subtle goof-ups in a social environment (How many times will I tell myself, that confidence doesn’t need a source of a good thing. It is in fact the source for many good things.), and the list goes on. Whenever a mistake happens, due to my own lack of judgment or bad luck, I look down on the ground (or at anyone around) with a smile and say, “Bummer!”.

Today afternoon, while drinking a Coca Cola in order to counter my lethargy, I had one of those moments where I said ‘Enough is Enough. Tomorrow onwards, I’ll seize the day. Tonight, shall be mine.’ I reminded myself of all the things that I find lacking in me, and made a plan about how much time it would take to conquer them. Surely, the hard work required couldn’t be as much as what I have undergone in order to develop an instinct for good art.

Surely, such uplifting thought is one thing, and it’s execution over a period of time quite another. Yet, such sense of the ways of my personal nature isn’t helpful, I must begin with a clean slate and try to set things right and take every obstacle  not as a signal of failure, but as a challenge that must be overcome. Eventually, such an outlook will become a habit.