Somewhere in 11th standard, I had an impulse to learn how to cook food. (I was thinking of a new career every week, and I met a cousin of mine who did Hotel Management. So, I thought this could be something that I would love to do. Cook good food and eat it.) However, my attempts at it was so funny (in the horrible sense)- that it became a story to tell for my mother.

This time again I had an urge to finally break this disability. For reasons of 1) learning something new, 2) self reliance, and 3) becoming a well rounded individual. Thanks to this goal, and a clear stern warning to my mother to not laugh under any circumstance- I can now make rice, most forms of curry (once you get the tadka concept, most recipes can be handled), round rotis (which is a skill that escapes most men) and anything and everything that is there with the help of a recipe booklet. Such is the confidence that a 100% hit rate can give you. No wasted food, no fingers or food burnt, nothing at all.

Yes, there was commentary on time (that major concept present in almost every art there is)- how long to let the tadka fry, how long to let the water get absorbed, how to actually stir the vegetables in the pan with which I still struggle. but I am sure that with time, and at least 5 more sessions- I could cook more than passable food for a hungry stomach all on my own.

I’d have posted photographs, if I had a smart phone.