First day of Commerce

What a relief it is to be escaping from all those aldehydes and ketones. And, what a relief to start again from the basics. I always knew I was smart, but somewhere in 6th or 7th- I started escaping hard work and weakened my basics. I got by, with the intention of passing the exam- not understanding anything. Then onwards, with every passing year- the degree of difficulty in course material increased, and my inclination towards studying decreased. Still, I got by because I was smart.

We learned how accountancy is both an art and a science. In English, we read a chapter called Portrait Of A Lady. I am happy to say, that I revised everything after coming back home. In fact, in Maths I have already completed the next exercise that will be done tomorrow.

Our class has only 23 students. So it is a little strange and comfortable. I am not even thinking how the year ahead will be, just trying to follow my uncle’s advice of taking one day at a time and focusing on acing academics, at least.

Last Day Of Commerce

Today, the school life that I have has ended. And unlike so many people who say that they’ll miss the corridoors and the teachers, I am extremely jubilant.

I am worried about passing Maths though. And will still have to go to school for the tests (in my case, retests too) and all. But yes, now that every day is mine, I will take a chapter at a time- and manage to pass at least.

Somewhere along the line, I lost the desire to do too well in these boards. After all, how does it even matter in the longer scheme of things. Not like the knowledge I will gain after studying so much Commerce will be of any use. I have a creative bent of mind, and as it is I study so much literature. If I go to college and do that, then I’ll be working on my strengths. Commerce was not a strength, it was more like starting on a new slate and escape from Science. Oh! I feel so wise now.