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From the music video of The Importance Of Being Idle


I failed first year of my college life due to inadequate attendance. You would think that it would have taught me a lesson, and the humiliation of it all would ensure that I do not repeat the same mistake again. But, I did. repeat the mistake not just once, but again and again. The only difference was that I buckled up at the right time to save the loss of an year. (Fear is a big motivator.) And once, the fight was fought- and the year was saved. I once again, went into my self destructive mode.

The reason of course was laziness. So much so that, a lot of people were convinced beyond doubt that I was a drug addict. (I assure you, that I am not.) There were several reasons for this laziness- physiological, psychological, sociological and if I must admit, some were just illogical.

Here, in this post- I will list some common conceptions of lazy people from the top of my head. I will also at the end, suggest some hacks which I have found useful. These are as much an instruction to me, as it is to you. If you are lazy, and proud of it- I suggest you read them.

Conception No.1. Laziness is smart. 

I am sure everyone has heard that quote by Bill Gates that says, “I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it”

If you are lazy and you are smart, it is very easy to be inspired by this quote and develop a superiority complex. However, the right word is not laziness- it is efficiency. You see, at times when a lazy man does get to work (the kind where his heart is into it)  he does it with so much love and passion and excitement, that it comes out as if he is more talented than others. When, in fact it is so because he does not see it as work, but as an adventure.

Conception No. 2: I am not a man of action, but a man of thought. Thinking is an activity. 

The truth is that the mind is restless. And, you can’t ever avoid thinking (unless you are a big sage who is capable of shutting out the thoughts). I agree to an extent that our mind produces much more beautiful feelings and impressions when we are doing nothing at all (poets are typically stereotyped as lazy people), but it must be done sparingly. Let me explain why.

Without work, a frequent thinker will fall into the pit of failure and despair (since no matter how beautiful your thought is- only you can experience it in its purest form and no one will give you anything for it) and the thoughts too will become like that and induce all types of negative feelings which in turn might eventually turn you into a lunatic. So, in order to keep thinking and enjoy thinking and feel happy thinking, it is critical that you work.

Conception No. 3: I am not a man of ambition. Not a man of goals. I believe the journey is important and even though it is a sad journey, it is unique and beautiful because it is the journey of a human. 

While this is a beautiful thought, a brave thought and above all an uplifting thought for a lazy human being; a man capable of such fine thinking should definitely do better than let his life go to waste.

Conception No. 4: The world is unkind and ugly. The only truly nice people left are degenerates who do so much wrath upon themselves, that they cannot do anything to the world. 

I truly think this is one of those nice and sensitive things about lazy people. A great thing rather. Genuinely heroic aspect.

There are some good things about it too, you see.

Conception No. 5: It is ingrained in my nature. In my DNA. In my genetics. An apple cannot be an orange, and I cannot be not lazy. 

I am not aware of anything scientific done on this topic. But, I believe that a man/woman can raise his/her awareness to such a level, that he/she can shape his character in any way he wants. There’s an Urdu quote by Iqbal which translates to:

Make yourself so great,

that before your destiny gets written,

the lord himself comes to you and says,

tell me, what do you wish?

So yes, that is all the conceptions that I have found to be stifling, in my own experience.

And, here are some things that I have found to be motivators in order to do work.

1. Competition

It doesn’t have to be out in the open. Everyone doesn’t have to know about it. But, try this- pick a range of people, and try and outshine them in every department. If you find something inferior, try and fight to rectify it. (Except in ones where you just can’t. Like football or some stunt skill. Or maybe even appearance.) If at times, you feel down and dusted, work on something that you are better at.

You will learn a range of things even if you don’t manage to surpass these people.

2. The ‘Jack of all trades’ desire

Lazy people have many notions. I had a notion that if I work at becoming good in this area, I’ll degenerate in the other one. It’s a defeatist mentality, even though it may be even true.

If you degenerate- work again. With time, you’ll find that your skills have enhanced in so many things. With time, you’ll find that you are a good looking, intelligent, physically proficient and wise- in short, just the exact opposite of what you were when you were lazy all the time.

3. Companionship-

This is just like Competition, except instead of envy- the driving engine here is love. If you find a partner interested in the same thing as you (and both of you wish to see other succeed through productivity), then nothing better than that. Promise to give each other a passive guilt trip, if one of you falls short.

4. Exercise and good health

This can provide a lot of energy in your body, and you will naturally be inclined to do something with that energy. Also, exercise itself is a type of work and if you feel sad and depressed, with no hope in life- do situps.

Take care not to overdo it, since an injury- can put rest to all your beautiful plans about productivity. God forbid, if you do have an injury- read.

5. Avoid Wastefulness

A lot of lazy people smoke too many cigarettes even though they do not enjoy all of them, because they have nothing better to do. A lot of lazy people keep compulsively checking their Facebook/Twitter accounts  with nothing new to see, because they have nothing better to do. I am guilty of both these things. In fact, still am. It’s hard to fight a conditioned typing of ‘f’ in an address bar when you don’t know which website to go to. Also excessive stalking is wasteful, and sad. Don’t do it, because such activities have a psychological impact on your confidence.


PS: Even though I have a lot of experience in being lazy, my time as a productive human being has been numbered. If any one has any thing to say about tackling the obstacles that may come (emotional hurt?) in the way of ‘not being lazy’, then please feel free to use the comments section.