Among the near 300 posts that I have made on this blog, a lot of my personal updates consisted of how there was nothing much going on in my life. And, how it was always slow moving. Like a ship anchored in the middle of a sea, with its captain unaware that one day the supplies will run out.

I do not have the same thing to say about the last seven days. And, even though my ship is still standing, it has not been all smooth sailing. Opportunities have been sensed and squandered, people have been given distress and disappointment, mobile phone has been lost, and to top all of this- I am kept waiting for two days in Manipal because I have been incredibly idiotic and stupid with my finances.

Opportunities Squandered

Thanks to my lost phone and erratic celebratory behavior, I sometimes exhaust myself too much to take action at the right moment. I usually remind myself about how I am not feeling in the groove to seize this moment. And, tell myself that how in the future that groove will magically come to me.

Thankfully though now, I am reading cues much better. Earlier, I was too much in my own world to interpret things properly.

Causing Distress and Disappointment

I now understand how sloth too is a sin. And how much potency it has to hurt people. Anyway, lesson learnt. What is done is done.

Losing phone

This has curbed my independence. And given me a huge depression bout, which threatened to bring back into the picture my quitter tendencies.

Not getting Money

I was told by my mother that under no circumstances will she give me money. And that I should stay in hunger for a few days if need be. Only then would I learn the importance of managing money. And much to her astonishment, this time round I offered no excuses and accepted it.

A few other things happened which I cannot risk putting in here. After all, with the changed man that I am, I now realize the pitfalls of being an open book.