I am reading this exceptional novel by Vikram Seth,

and it has been stirring images familiar and known,

(So strong, that it makes me moan. )

Here, in this post, I will share a page,

which represents almost exactly my current stage.

A linkless node, no spouse or sibling,

No children- John wanders alone

Into an ice cream parlor. Nibbling

The edges of a sugar cone

By turns, a pair of high school lovers

Stand, giggling. John, uncharmed, discovers

His favorite flavors, Pumpkin Pie

And Bubble Gum, decides to buy

A double scoop; sits down; but whether

His eyes fall on a knot of three

Schoolgirls, a clamorous family,

Or, munching cheerfully together,

A hippie and a Castro clone,

It hurts that only he’s alone.

He goes home, seeking consolation

Among old Beatles and Pink Floyd-

But “Girl” elicits mere frustration,

While “Money” leaves him more annoyed.

Alas, he hungers less for money

Than, for a fleeting taste of Honey.

Murmuring, “Money- it’s a gas!…

The lunatic is on the grass,”

He pours himself a beer. Desires

And reminiscences intrude

Upon his unpropitious mood

Until he feels that he requires

A one way Ticket to Ride- and soon-

Across the Dark Side of the Moon.