“Opportunities are never taken, they are caught”, I was once told by a friend on Twitter. During that time (I was so afraid to fly, that I never did land, to use a quote from this song), the sense in that statement was totally lost on me but due to the natural tripper that I was (and am) I replied with an assurance of finally having understood something. Countless carrots were rejected. Much nervousness had been there. And, in tune with the theory of being myself I had expressed this nervousness. Thus, making it contagious. Unpleasant times. Too much internal reasoning had crippled me.

Now though, I understand what that quote meant. Here, in bullets I will express some things:

1. One way to be unfazed by a lost opportunity is to immediately start working on another one. Yes, sometimes having so many boards to aim your darts at can get tiring, but trust me, this way you have a much better chance of getting your shots on target.

2. Never should one doubt oneself. In school exams, we never left an answer incomplete even if we had a doubt. Maybe, some marks will be earned. Even if it’s completely out of line, it’s better than not attempting at all.

3. Don’t be a person who loses hope, become a better fighter. Grow your personality. Work at something to make sure that you have more things in your arsenal. There will come a time when even the sleight of your hand will be enough to disarm someone.

4.  See most of your shots as the coup de grace. This is tough. But, try to strike in the moment. Do not think, today I will play safe, tomorrow- I’ll strike. The weather might be bad and uninspiring, something might be going on with your mind- see an opportunity as a way to bounce back. Do not wait for the good day. (Unless, of course there has been such a history that you just cannot afford to play without the atmosphere of perfection. This is a very rare exception though.)

That is all that I have to say. To myself, as much as to you. Do you have something to add?

PS: A tumblr tag search for opportunity has turned up a post titled: opportunityisnowhere. You can either read it as opportunity is nowhere, or opportunity is now here. I’ll admit I read the nowhere first, which proves my subconscious is still a little crippled. Yet, time is great.