To pick a quote from my 200th post:

I will now remove my imaginary helmet, run a few yards in adrenalin, look towards the heaven, and raise my bat towards the spectators witnessing this moment of a blogger’s personal glory.

To state the obvious, it has been one hell of a journey. Many stories have been told, some applause has been gathered, friends have been made, stress and gloom has been endured, time has been wasted, I have been wasted, life itself has changed.

I’d love to tell some stories about what this blog has been for me, and how do I feel about certain things. And what better form to do it than that of the self interview. As this blog has been about me, me and me- such an act of narcissism is not only allowed, but necessary.

NY: First of all, congratulations on having completed 300 posts. Tell me about how you started this blog and more importantly, why?

Thank you. Thank you so much. I started this blog out of hate for the kind of things I wrote and the kind of readers I had gathered on my previous blog. I didn’t remember the latter reason, but now to answer this question, I looked into my mail archives. (They praise my posts, but then they’d praise something like Dostana too.) Indeed, karma is a bitch and that is why this blog hasn’t received the same love.

Also, for trivia seekers- it didn’t start off as Narratively Yours but as The Diary Of A Demented Dreamer. *cringes*

NY: Why are all your stories about yourself?

I can’t really help it. One way to explain it would be that I was inspired to write like I write, mostly by semi-autobiographical novels. One way to explain it would be that for me fiction is synonymous with truth, and I find it easier to be true about something that I’ve had a first hand experience of. Yet, now I realise the importance of writing from many viewpoints. It is no. 1 on my agenda of things I’d do in the next 100 posts.

NY: You were writing a novel. What happened to it?

I know, I promised to publish it here. I feel like a fraud. I did finish it. But, unfortunately it didn’t have the cohesiveness of a novel and distraught I decided not to type it. Interested readers can come to my house or if you know me personally, can just ask for the notebook.

NY: This blog doesn’t have too many patrons even after so many years. What went wrong?

Like I said, karma might be a reason. I do feel bad about it from time to time but not today. Looking back on this blog’s history as a whole, many touching moments of admiration come to mind. Not to sound pompous, but barring one or two people- no one has complimented this blog as a social obligation, so when I do receive compliments it is without anything but love for the experience given.

NY: Any particular anecdote that you would like to share about the blog that you are embarrassed about?

The whole Chetan Bhagat episode. So embarrassed that I’d not even talk about it.

NY: For a new reader, are there any posts that you’d like to suggest for them to get a flavor of the blog?

Actually, the best way for anyone is to click randomly on the archives. Still, for the sake of saying I’d suggest the two 30 day meme’s I have finished. This and this.

NY: Thank you, it was a pleasure talking. 

The pleasure was all mine.


Yes, so now that sanity is back. I’d thank all my readers, people who have complimented in person, dudes who’ve mysteriously gone online as soon as I gave them my blog link (trust me, that was my intention), wordpress loyalists who I am sure like posts (sometimes even follow) without even reading them sometimes in order to promote their blog and more than anything: people who’ve bothered enough to post a comment especially the ones who’ve done it on several occasions. It is a sweet gesture that makes my heart melt more than anything else, always.

Wish me luck for my future, as I try to take my battered ship across rocky waters and also, for this blog which has been and continue to be one of the main sources of self sufficiency in this incredible society.