Another vacation comes to an end. Unlike, other end of a vacation posts, I have not much thoughts that I’d like to share about what I am looking forward to in the next semester. As for how the vacation went, I started it confident with a long suppressed sense of aggression to everything I did, made some bloopers in the middle and went into another one of those depressed phases but soon came back into my groove towards the end. The last few days though have been ‘Bleh’ and not intense enough for me to judge them.

I have been watching a lot of Cricket, and had a nice time seeing the human stories on the pitch- both in the England-India Test Series, and the recent Pakistan’s tour of India. There have been a few anecdotes, but the one that is great and slightly forgettable (hence, personal blog material) is one that happened just today. I was sitting with my right leg placed squarely above my left, reading a very old copy of Filmfare at the local barber shop when suddenly I felt a leg contacting my elevated sandals. Instictively, I said Sorry sorry and even the man said sorry sorry. Looking up at him, I realised it was my brother. Both of us were heavily amused by it.

Now, that that’s done. I will show you what I did yesterday in a fit of boredom. Which is to listen to a song on the headphones, react to its lyrics, and leave the webcam on at the same time. I thought since, I’ve never posted a personal photo or video on this blog ever, I’d post it here. The lyrics are slightly out of sync with my lips, but then that is a metaphor for my life. (Really though, it was synced well in Movie maker, but was fucked in conversion.)

That’s it. And yes, here’s presenting: