It’s interesting how KFC have a range of overly priced (but killer stuff, I admit) beverages sold under the sub-brand of KFC Krushers. Considering, a huge percentage of people coming there are on dates- ordering a Krusher, making a face and changing your tone can be used to convey something that one might feel too vulnerable saying in simple language. (I did not know people worked like that until just recently. I never order Virgin Mojito if there is a female on the table, even though I really like that drink. Just in case, someone might take it to be too loud a suggestion.) A funny Twitter or FB status would be, “Having Krusher with my crush!!!! πŸ™‚ :)”

Why is it called a crush? I don’t know. Probably because, there is a need for a middle ground between liking and loving. Probably because, it’s a blunder to say I am infatuated with you. Probably because, it rhymes with brush and rush. It’s a funny world this.

Googling the issue turns up user comments which say “it’s because people you find the most attractive, always end up crushing your heart”. Some truth in that. But, if I had to give just one answer, it’s because we think that crushes can crush our pain or crush our hopes.

Or wait, is it because to call something a crush- is to call it something not so serious and unworthy of damage. Tough and confusing this is, as always.