In less than a month, I’ll be done and over with my college days. I can clearly remember myself coming here, with very few real life friends. And, then making a bunch load of them in hostel over jokes, pranks and intoxication. Posts like this one and this one encapsulate it.

It’s funny how the things I told myself before coming here are similar to the things I am telling myself now. The same regret, shame and pain coupled with hope for redemption that shaped so much of my time before coming here is shaping my time right now. Analyzing it- I can see a few outright wrong choices, but then those choices led me to good things too. I don’t know if people will miss me in their lives ahead. I will definitely miss a few. In the few days that are remaining, I’ll try my best to snatch whatever good experiences come my way, give a little love, pour my heart out to friends and drink tea as much as possible.