I distinctly remember reading an essay on Coffee by RK Narayan, in which he had spoken about how people drank coffee. While some sipped it, tasting every flavor through their tongue and seeing it’s effects reach the head to kickstart their day, others had to gulp the hot beverage down quickly as an approaching train can’t really wait for a man to appreciate his coffee.

Not many remember their first cup of coffee (I haven’t asked anyone about it, but am assuming) but I do. It was at a marriage reception in this city in Rajasthan. I was a 10 year old and had made friends with other boys attending the marriage.  We waited for the reception to begin from afternoon itself (two of my friends their were playing Mario while I sat and wished for my house to have a TV Video Game too), and as soon as the stall opened, all of us started ordering more and more. My little stomach had 3 cups and I was very happy. Not because it tasted great, but because I had COFFEE and it had a forbidden aura to it. I couldn’t eat a lot of food when dinner was served because I was burning internally.

Another instance that comes to my mind (and about which I can write here) when I think of coffee, is that once at a railway station I happened to have the urge to drink cold coffee. So, I went up to this stall and asked, “Bhaiyya, cold coffee hai?” Pat came the reply, “Nahin, Nes caffee hai!”