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Being a cold person isn’t easy. At times though, we might come across phases where we have no option but to be cold. Avoiding people’s eyes, ignoring them online, replying to them days later, aligning with their enemies (haha) are some things we do rather organically and naturally. We don’t need any training for it (which this title claims to profer). However, certain mental tweaks can make the experience a pleasurable one.

Here are some ways in which you too can be cold:

1. Be proud of it-

Half the battle is won, if you are proud of being cold and antisocial. Think of it as a gift that not everyone has, the ability to be this cold. Start working on your very own ‘go-to’ cold expression by looking into the mirror. An expression that you would use in all the photographs that would be clicked of you, all the glances that you’ll share with people you don’t want to be friendly with, etc. If you’ve perfected it well, it can work fine as your Facebook display pic too!

2. Look towards some idols-

Many people who have contributed to the society, were personally very cold in their behavior. While, popular media may label them as reclusive, shy, etc. they did appear to the society as cold. In fact, people idolizing these people are often cold too. As such a strong influence is held over them. Also, being obsessive about some great person will make you respect mere mortals of the society lesser, and thus add to your cold quotient.

“They’re so cold, these scholars!
May lightning strike their food
so that their mouths learn how
to eat fire!”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

I had once read in my facebook feed, how a child does not have just two parents. Every musician they admire, every film star they aspire to be, every book they read- all have a strong influence on them. So strong, that it can suppress whatever the child’s parents are teaching.

3. Never give up on your resolve. Don’t initiate anything, whatever your mood.-

If you want to learn how to be cold, it is best to practice it through thick and thin. Sometimes, our mood might be jovial and we may crumble and initiate a conversation with someone we ought not to – but it is imperative to control such urges. Make a resolve, and imagine that you have written it somewhere in blood.

4. Be prepared to face the chill-

Being a cold person is contagious. Just like smiling. Cold people receive cold behavior. If you are cold in your first meeting with someone, it may be difficult to establish a rapport later. But your life’s philosophy should be to do unto others what you would want to be done to yourself. Think of this as your choice, and be convinced that it is the best way to spend one’s life.

5. Listen to cold music-

I had once heard Aamir Khan say in an interview, that he would set his mood for a scene by listening to songs. If he needed to appear angry, he’d listen to an angry song. For a sad scene, a sad song. Similarly, a lot of artists have written songs that promote coldness. Both abroad and in India.

That’s it for now. I am sure many of my readers are experts at cold behavior themselves. Even though, they may give it names like shyness, etc. Please do not keep your wonderful knowledge to yourself and share it with a few people.

Picture courtesy: The Ides Of March